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Welcome to AMMPTT - RETRO3D Official Documentation

Please Read

This is our first endeavor into the online community, both with tooling and content creation pipelines. Even after extensive testing in isolation, nothing pales in comparison to a unique and brilliant mind exploring what has been implemented for the first time. As such, unique edge cases are likely to arise. We humbly ask for your wonderful feedback in an encouraging way as we want to do our best to provide the best tool we can, and it will only ever be as good as its feedback, from YOU the members of the community. Welcome!

Here you will find all the information you need to get started with and effectively use the Retro3D Toolkit and (eventually) related production tools in your pipeline. This documentation is designed to be a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through different components and features of Retro3D Toolkit, as well as a living document that reflects the feedback given by the community.

Getting Started

Learn about the core concepts, the architecture of the toolkit, and how to set up your environment for development.


- Experimental Pipeline W Video

- Getting Started

- Main Settings

- Advanced Settings

- Curve On Curves

- Vert Hooker

- Material Settings

- Ultimate Observer Settings

- Smart Pixel UV Settings

- Papers

Explore step-by-step guides to familiarize yourself with the tools and workflows of Retro3D Toolkit.


We are constantly updating and improving our documentation, so if you have any suggestions or find any issues, please let us know.